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About Me - the Entrepreneur

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My name is Harry Tsiagbe, and I am the founder of Tornam Capital, LLC.

I grew up in Ghana with entrepreneurship all around me. My father ran a small plumbing contracting business he owned and took great pride in the quality of his work. My mother was a petty trader who sold pretty much anything she could find to help our family make ends meet.

Because my father's plumbing business had no computer at the time, he often recruited me to handwrite the invoices and billing estimates he sent to customers. I think back to those years as my initiation into the world of entrepreneurship and small business, and the lessons from observing my parents build small businesses they cared about have stayed with me.

Having pursued other interests in my professional career so far, I am drawn to the practicalities of the small business world – the opportunity to build something meaningful over the long term and to directly make a difference in the lives of everyday people.

Professional Background

My professional experiences after college have been in the world of social impact and finance – spanning the healthcare, tourism, retail and real estate sectors.

After college, I began my career in financial services focused on non-profit healthcare . In that capacity, I worked on transactions that helped hospitals and health systems across the U.S. raise over $10 billion to support their operations, build new facilities, and deliver care to local communities.

From there, I transitioned into the world of international development and social impact investing focused on poverty reduction in low- and middle-income countries. There, I supported investments and the development of strategies to drive the allocation of capital to areas where it is needed most. I also spent a summer focused on impact investing in the U.S.

Across my professional experiences to date, perhaps my most profound learning has been this: when run well and with heart, businesses are a highly potent means of achieving positive outcomes for employees, customers, communities, investors, and other stakeholders.

That is a big reason why I want to accelerate my path to business leadership by harnessing my entrepreneurial interests.

Educational Background

My education through high school was in Ghana. For college, I attended Berea College in Kentucky where I graduated with a degree in Economics.

Berea College is a special place that provides college education opportunities for promising students with limited economic means – all admitted students receive full tuition scholarships.

At Berea, I became a Fellow with the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Program and spent a summer meeting with local business leaders across Kentucky and the broader Appalachian region to explore ways of boosting opportunities for the local economies.

I recently received an MBA from Columbia Business School and want to use all of my education, knowledge, and skills to acquire, own, and operate a business for the next 30+ years.

If you are a business owner or representative of a business owner looking to sell within the next 3-6 months, I would love to speak with you.

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