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Business Search & Investment Criteria

Our goal is simple: to find one small business we can own and operate for the next 30+ years.

We also know that no business is perfect, so the criteria below is really just a guide to help focus our search – it is not a big deal if your business does not meet all of the criteria below.

If you’re ready to sell your business within the next 3-6 months, please reach out directly to our founder at or +1 (202) 240 8070


  • $1.5-2 million of annual operating cash flow ($5M+ of annual revenues preferred)


  • Fair and reasonable

Business Resilience & Longevity

  • 10+ years of operating history with strong earnings quality and simple business model


  • Any stable industry with long-term growth potential


  • Retiring or looking to transition within the next 4-6 months


  • DC-Maryland-Virginia region and surrounding states preferred, but willing to relocate within the U.S. for a great business


  • We think of a resilient business as one with revenue predictability, healthy cash flow generation, and reasonable stability across economic cycles

  • To the extent that industry specificity is helpful, some industries that are appealing to us include the following:

    • B2B Services

    • Government Services

    • Specialty / Niche Manufacturing

    • Healthcare Services (excluding direct patient care)

    • Etc. - we are truly flexible and will assess a business on its own merits. We take pride in our solution-orientedness, skillset versatility, and capacity to operate in any industry

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