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Tornam Capital

  ...investing and building for the next 30 years and beyond  

About Us

We are a long-term-oriented investment company looking to find, acquire, and operate a U.S. business with $1-2 million of annual operating cash flows. We are deeply attracted to enduring businesses and intend to own and operate the company we acquire for the next 30 years and beyond. Learn more about our business search and investment criteria here

Our company was founded by Harry Tsiagbe who will operate the acquired business as CEO for the foreseeable future with mentorship and guidance from the departing seller as well as a team of trusted and experienced business professionals. Learn more about our founder here

At Tornam Capital LLC, we take a collaborative approach and have flexibility to structure our purchase to drive a fair outcome for all parties. We also operate with the guiding principles of (i) honoring our commitments, (ii) delivering our best, and (iii) striving to create win-win outcomes

Concrete Texture

Our Core Operating Principles and Guiding Lights


We honor our commitments

We do what we say we’ll do and honor our commitments, verbal or written


We deliver our best

We hold strong commitments to excellence and like to be proud of our work, so in all we do, we endeavor to deliver our very best


We win together

In all our dealings, we make it a priority to create win-win outcomes

Sell your business to us

  • If you are a business owner or representative of a business owner looking to sell within the next few months, consider selling to us

  • We are not looking to make a quick buck – we want to build on the foundation you have laid and lead the business into the future with care for employees, customers, investors, the local community, and other stakeholders

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